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Understanding that properly performed electrical work is an absolutely vital piece of what makes a business run smoothly is extremely important in ensuring that your commercial business or industrial facility operates as best it can. If small errors in the wiring of an electrical system are made, then the whole thing can be ruined, and your business can come crashing down right in front of you. This is exactly why Acclaim Electric works with you, hand in hand, to ensure that any and all electrical related projects are completed to a degree of excellence that few others can provide, and no one can provide at the price we do.

Having a correctly functioning generator is important in assuring that when the weather gets rough, your company is safe from permanent data erasure resulting from power outages and blackouts. Having a powerful generator can quickly remedy having a backup system to prevent these data losses. Our masterful electrical technicians will caringly work with you in both to choosing the best backup generator option that suits your business or facility, as well as wiring your electrical systems right the first time, thus preventing unnecessary power related issues as the result of sloppy electrical work. Acclaim Electric, your premier electricians and generator retailer can assist in making sure your business never goes under!

We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your number one electricians in Ashtabula, Erie and beyond. While we are centered in Erie, PA, be boast a most impressive service radius that spreads nearly 100 miles in all directions. For years now, we have been assuring businesses both small and large across the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas that their electrical work is in the hands of the best: Acclaim Electric.

As dedicated, skillful electricians often do, we offer a wide variety of professional services alongside generator retail that include, but aren’t limited to: electrical troubleshooting and repair, underground wire tracing, ground up construction, remodeling and renovations, design builds, dedicated circuit installation, phone and data line wiring and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance, all performed by one of the most impressive teams of professional electricians in the region!

We pride ourselves on our integral work ethic, and as such, only hire the most competent, well trained and professional electricians. So when you are working with am Acclaim Electric electrician, you know that you’re dealing with the most professional electrical support that money can buy. If dependable, highly skilled and trained electricians don’t sell you, our incredibly priced products and services will! We offer everything we do at low cost, competitive rates that won’t hurt your budget.

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy dealing with other, less professional electrical “experts.” Call us first, and skip the hassle of having to repair what you’ve already paid to have done! We are the number one electrical contractor in the area, with years of experience under our belt, and a team of helpful professionals, at the ready to assist you in whatever electrical project you may have for them. Call today to receive the best service in the business, and do it right the first time!