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Electric Services - Data Wire Installation and Electrical Contractor in Erie

Planning construction on a brand new commercial or industrial building? Perhaps you’re just renovating or remodeling an old one to keep up with the rigorous standards of today? Either way, we understand that this can be a difficult procedure, and we’d like to extend our hand if introducing ourselves, and letting you know that this can be made easy. We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your expert electric services, data wire installation professionals in Erie, PA, and beyond! Proper data wiring is absolutely integral for maintaining a properly functioning business. From internet to fax to phone lines, we specialize in implementing and maintaining it all!

We offer the best electrical services available in Erie and beyond and boast an impressive service radius of 100 miles in all directions from Erie. So if you’re in Erie itself, or one of the hundreds of surrounding communities and towns, please, give us a call for all of your electrical needs, and experience how easy electrical work becomes when left in the right hands.

On top of doing top notch data and phone line wiring installation, we provide a variety of other specialty electrical services including, but not limited to: electrical system troubleshooting and repair, underground wire tracing and installation, ground up construction, remodels and renovations, design builds and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance. Every service we offer is the absolute best money can buy!

We strive to employ only the most highly qualified and skilled electrical technicians, a policy that stems from our strenuous work ethic, so when you’re dealing with an Acclaim Electric employee or electrician, you know that you’re dealing with the absolute best you possibly can be. Our team is as dependable and professional as they come! On top of our incredible team of technicians, we also have years of experience servicing Erie and surrounding communities, so you know that all of our technicians knowledge is also backed by equally important, field tested experience.

If knowledgeable, dependable, highly professional electricians with the highest possible level of training aren’t convincing enough, how about our prices? We offer all of our services at the lowest possible, competitive price, so you know that you’re getting the best possible service at a price that won’t hurt your budget!

Don’t waste your invaluable time and energy dealing with untrained, unprofessional electricians who’ll just make a mess of things. Get it done right the first time! Call Acclaim Electric today, and skip the hassle and frustration of dealing with other, less qualified supposed “experts.”

Years of experience has taught us that the parking lot is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the livelihood of any business! A dimly or improperly lit parking lot can often deter an otherwise faithful customer! Call us today, and we’ll begin designing, building and maintaining your parking lot lighting system! We provide our own lift and will waive lift fees for first time customers!

So remember, if you’re in Erie or one of the hundreds of surrounding communities, think Acclaim Electric when it comes to having professional grade electrical work performed at the best possible price. Call today! You won’t be disappointed!