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Commercial Electrical Services

Properly working electricity is absolutely integral for making your business run smoothly. Without professionally wired phones and internet, taking calls and orders would be difficult and unreliable. Without a correctly lit parking lot, customers can be deterred from entering your business before they even leave their car. Acclaim Electric understands the importance of proper, functioning electricity to a business, and works with you to ensure that you and your customers feel as comfortable as possible regarding the electrical function of your fine establishment.

We are Acclaim Electric and we are your premier commercial electrical servicers and contractor in Grove City, Jamestown, Erie and the surrounding area. For years now, we have been providing Erie, and the surrounding area within a 100 mile radius with commercial electrical services of the highest quality. We offer a huge variety of important electrical services including, but not limited to: electric troubleshooting and repair, underground tracing, ground up construction, remodels, design build, phone and data wiring and implementation and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance.

Watch in awe as the best electrical contractor in Jamestown and the surrounding area tends to your every electrical related issue with unmatched professionalism and promptness. Acclaim Electric employs only the most skilled and highly trained electricians on our team, so when you call us, you know that you’re getting the best you possibly can.

On top of our ridiculously talented team of electrical servicemen, we also offer the most economical, competitive pricing in the area! So you can get the best electrical work done for a price that won’t hurt your budget!

Planning the construction of a large scale industrial complex? Perhaps you just need some wiring fixed in your small business? Whatever your needs or budget, Acclaim Electric has you covered for all of your electrical needs! We understand that your projects are important, and making sure things run smoothly should be your number one priority, which is exactly why Acclaim Electric is just right for you! Rest easy, and devote your attention and time to the rest of your project knowing that your electrical needs are being handled by the very best in the business.

And then, once construction is completed, choose us, Acclaim Electric, to install your new lighting systems to your parking lot! Proper lighting is absolutely vital for your business to thrive. If improperly lit, parking lots may seem scary, and many potential customers will be deterred for fear of their vehicle being vulnerable in the darkness. Choose us, and we will help design, construct and maintain a lighting system that makes your customer feel safe and secure. We even do custom retrofitting with state of the art LED lights, so you can keep your old lights and signs!

So remember, whether embarking on a new venture, or just maintaining an old one, Acclaim Electric is your go to for all your electrical needs! You wouldn’t throw money away, so why wouldn’t you go with the best, most affordable electrical option available? Choose Acclaim Electric and be regret-free.