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New Construction Electrical Contractor Services

Embarking on the taxing journey of constructing a brand new building? This can be one of the most stressful and demanding experiences that a person can go through, and it’s probably healthy that you’re a little nervous. Thousands of dollars go into every building that’s built, and it’s important not to waste a penny of it on bad electrical work. We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your premier expert new construction electricians in Erie, Corry and the surrounding area, and we are here to assure you that, while daunting, you can complete your project with excellence.

With so much time and energy going into building a new structure, it’s important to recognize that each little piece of the puzzle that is new construction is as important as the next. We know this, and that’s why we’re extending our hand in inviting you to worry less about your electrical issues, and more about making sure those walls go up and that the flooring arrives on schedule.

Acclaim Electric is your undisputed choice for electrical contractor services in Corry, Erie and beyond. We boast the most impressive and well trained staff in the business, as well as incredibly reliant, expert service at competitive prices. For years now, we have provided the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas with the absolute highest quality electrical work, and have had the pleasure of sharing the successful creation of hundreds of buildings, both industrial and commercial.

Our team of electricians is the best you can find, and are an absolute wealth of experience and knowledge of their trade. You will be treated with the utmost professionalism and promptness, and will learn firsthand why we, Acclaim Electric, are the best around.

Alongside new building construction, we specialize in a wide array of electrical services, including, but not limited to: electrical troubleshooting and repair, underground tracing, ground up construction, remodeling, design building, phone and data wiring and parking lot lighting and installation and maintenance. So whether you’re erecting a monumental new headquarters for your corporation or just need some upkeep on faulty wiring in the break room, trust Acclaim Electric to expertly attend to your every electrical need.

Our range of service is incredible! While we are based in, and operate out of Erie, PA, we have an extensive service radius that spans 100 miles in every direction! So whether you’re in Erie or Corry, or anywhere in the surrounding area, give us a call and experience the luxury and expertise of the best electrical service contractor in the area!

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy dealing with unprofessional, untrained electricians, who’ll only mess things up and make things more complicated. Call us, Acclaim Electric, and have the easiest, most reliable electrical experience you’ll have in your life, and rest easy knowing you made the right choice, and went with us, Acclaim Electric, your premier electrical contractor in Erie, Corry and the surrounding area.