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Electrical Maintenance by Commercial Electricians

Dealing with proper electrical work is exhausting and difficult business! We understand. If just one aspect of a system isn’t right, then the whole thing doesn’t function properly. Hiring a professional and well qualified electrical maintenance company is absolutely vital to making sure that your electricity is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are Acclaim Electric, and we specialize in assuring that all electrical related aspects of any project you may have are performed as best as they possibly can be.

We are a highly professional team of commercial electricians based out of Erie, PA, boasting an impressive professional record, and an enormous range of service! Our service radius spans nearly 100 miles in all directions from Erie. For years now we have been providing the most dependable electrical maintenance, installation and implementation to the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas. So whether you’re in Titusville, Corry, Erie, or one of the hundreds of surrounding communities and towns, Acclaim Electric is your go to, premier electrical contractor!

On top of maintaining and implementing electrical systems, we also specialize in a variety of other electrical related tasks and jobs, including: electrical system troubleshooting and repair, underground wire tracing, ground up construction, remodeling, design building, phone and data wiring and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance.

For years now, we’ve been helping businesses or industrial facilities such as yours maximize efficiency through proper electrical systems and procedure, and it’s no wonder that our customers always hire us for all of their electrical needs. If it’s not our team of unparalleled electrical experts, who provide high quality professional services, it's our dependable response times, range of service or our incredibly low, competitive prices. Either way, Acclaim Electric never fails to impress.

Why deal with unqualified, amateur electrical contractors when you have the best electrical maintenance experts and electricians in Titusville, Corry, Erie and beyond right at your fingertips? Unskilled electricians have a particular knack for just making a mess of things, but not us. We will work with you to ensure that your project gets completed within its deadline, with no hidden fees and complete and total dependability. Don’t leave your electrical work in the hands of someone who is less qualified than our team! Call us today and experience the smoothness and incredible professionalism our company has to offer!

Dim or unlit parking structure or lot? Having an underlit parking lot can be a huge detriment to the success of your business. Often, customers can be discouraged from visiting your establishment out of fear of criminal activity due to lack of proper, protective lighting in your parking lot. This can have a huge impact on your profitability! We specialize in designing, building and maintaining proper and cost effective parking lot lighting fixtures. We provide our own lift and will waive the lift fee for our first time customers! How does it get better than that?

So whether you’re in Titusville, Corry, Erie, Meadville, Ashtabula or any of the hundreds of surrounding communities, and are in need of professional electrical work on both a large or small scale, call us today for an experience in electrical engineering, installation and design that can only be offered by the best: Acclaim Electric.