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We all know how devastating an East Coast storm can be, and storm season is coming! Are you prepared for a blackout in the midst of torrential downpour, breakneck winds, rolling thunder and crackling lightning? Even outside of a blackout storm, a generator is a valuable asset for any and every business or industrial setting. The ability to have power wherever and whenever you want is absolutely invaluable, and we’ve found that most don’t even realize how integral generator ownership is.

We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your premier Electrical Contractor and Generator Retailer in Meadville, Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York, with a massive service radius of about 100 miles in any direction of Erie, PA.

Allow our team of caring professionals guide you painlessly through any electrical task that may arise in your daily life. Not only are we your most affordable, and highest qualified, licensed, top of the line generator retailer, but we carry our professionalism and strict work-ethic with us on all our products and services. We’re available for electrical related troubleshooting and repair, underground tracing, ground up construction, remodels, design builds, phone and data wiring, parking lot lighting installation and maintenance, as well as just about everything you could think of regarding electrical construction, installation and maintenance!

With unparalleled professionalism, incredible expertise and amazing dependability and service speeds, it’s no wonder that people turn to Acclaim Electric for any and all of their electrical needs, both big and small.

Need a brand new parking lot lit up? What about maintenance on aged, decrepit lights in your old parking lot? We’ve got you covered! We are your go-to installation experts for parking lot lighting, up to 100 miles in any direction from Erie, PA! We are the undisputed masters of designing, building and maintaining parking lot lighting, and will help you troubleshoot existing turnkey projects, or plan or maintain new ones! We also do amazing projects that involve retro fitting LED lights! We even provide our own lift and offer an amazing waiver of the lift fee for first time customers!

Does your building or home need phone or data lines wired or installed? We can install as many lines of both phone and data as you could possibly need, and do it in a timely fashion! You’ll be calling, faxing and using the internet at your residential or commercial situation in no-time!

Acclaim Electric understands how integral working electrical systems are in maintaining a smoothly running, efficient business or industrial setting, and are here to help! With competitive prices and reliability unknown to our competitors, it’s no wonder that when people in the Erie and Meadville areas require electrical work, they instantly think: Acclaim Electric. So if you’re like us, and demand the highest quality products and services, sold and provided by the most highly qualified team of professionals, for the best prices, accept no substitute. Acclaim Electric is here for you!

If you need top-notch generators or electrical services up to 100 miles from Erie, PA, call today!