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Remodeling Electrician Services

The process of remodeling can be extremely daunting, we understand. There is so much planning that goes into a remodel or renovation project, and it’s okay to feel nervous. So much must go exactly according to plan in order for the project to reach completion by your set deadline. We’ve found that a key piece in assuring that this happens is to use your best judgment about who you choose to put in charge of each individual aspect of the project. For instance, if you hire a mediocre carpentry team to do the woodwork, then you’ll most likely have mediocre woodwork. It stands to logic that this would hold true with your electrical contractor as well.

We are Acclaim Electric, and we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that, at least with the electrical aspect of your project. We are professional remodeling electrician services in Corry, Lakewood, Ashtabula and beyond, and we offer the highest quality, most dependable service available at competitive prices that won’t hurt your budget. For years, we have been servicing Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York with our own brand of professional electrical services, and let us assure you that we are happy to take partial responsibility for hundreds of successful remodels and renovations!

While based in Erie, PA, we boast an enormous range of professional services, that center and Erie and expand nearly 100 miles in every direction! So whether you’re in Corry, Lakewood, Erie, Ashtabula or any of the nearby towns or communities, Acclaim Electric is your number one, premier electrical contractor, and it’s easy to see why! If it’s not our phenomenal team of highly qualified and skilled electrical experts, it’s our timeliness, positive work ethic or competitively priced services and jobs!

On top of remodeling projects, we also specialize in all things electric, including: troubleshooting and repair of preexisting electrical components, underground tracing, ground up construction, design builds, phone and data wiring and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance. So if you’re within 100 miles of Erie, PA and are embarking on a project involving an electrical component, please don’t hesitate. Call today to experience electrical service as you never have before!

Don’t waste your precious time and hard earned money on amateur electrical contractors who’ll just end up making a mess of things, call us, Acclaim Electric first and skip the hassle of dealing with unprofessional electrical services. We’re the most dependable and highly skilled contractors in the area for a reason you know!

Have a dim or unlit parking lot? A parking lot that is dark, dim or unlit can be a major detriment to your livelihood! Customers can often be deterred from stopping at your business if your parking lot is dark for fear of criminal activity! Prevent this today, and call us to set up an appointment for us to take a look at your parking lot. We specialize in constructing, designing and maintaining parking lot lighting structures! We provide our own lift and will even waive the lift fee for first time customers!

So remember, if you’re within 100 miles of Erie, PA, and need any electrical work done, and have a high eye for quality and a desire to get the best possible service for the lowest possible price, call us, Acclaim Electric, today, and experience what a professional electrical contractor can accomplish!