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Commercial Electric Services by Licensed Electrical Contractor

Having perfect electrical work in the workspace is a vital piece of what makes a business run smoothly. You can’t take orders if your phone lines are shoddily installed. People don’t know that you’re open if there aren’t properly installed and working lights in your parking lot. A lot of work goes into making a business run properly and efficiently, and we realize this. That’s why Acclaim Electric goes out of our way to ensure that when it comes to electrical work, such as the work described above or any of the countless other electrical related tasks, your business is functioning in absolute excellence.

We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your go to, premier commercial electrical contractors, serving Erie, Meadville, and all of the surrounding areas. Our electricians are the most professional and highly trained servicemen in the area, and are hands down the most efficient and best at what they do. You will be amazed by the remarkable service of our knowledgeable team.

Centered in Erie, PA, we have an absolutely enormous range of service that spans nearly 100 miles in all directions. In line with our fabulous work ethic and highest quality standards, we only employ the most skillful and best electricians and only sell the highest quality products and services.

Whether you’re planning on constructing a new, high budget industrial complex or just trying to maintain your small business, we specialize in all things electric. From troubleshooting and repair and upkeep of electrical needs, underground tracing, ground up construction, remodeling and design building to phone and data wiring and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance, we are your foremost electrical contractor in Meadville and the surrounding area.

Don’t get caught up in the hassle of trying to deal with “other” electrical contractors. We simply are the unparalleled best in the area. Whether it be our knowledgeable team of certified and licensed electricians, our competitively priced products and services, our top notch eye for quality assurance or our timely response speeds, something keeps happy customers coming back to Acclaim Electric for all of their electrical needs.

Having lights installed in your parking lot? Dark parking lots are a breeding ground for criminal activity, including car break ins and theft, so we go out of our way to ensure that your lights are absolutely perfect so that your customers can feel comfortable and happy. We specialize in designing and installing lighting fixtures, as well as maintaining preexisting ones. We even do custom retrofitting on old lighting fixtures with new, bright, high quality LED lights. We provide our own lift, and if it’s your first time as our customer, we’ll even waive the lift maintenance fee!

So if you need electrical work done in the Erie, Meadville or surrounding area, look no further! We are the absolute best electrical contractor in the area, with the best, most highly trained staff and competitively priced products and services, you won’t regret working with Acclaim Electric, your number one electrical contractor in Erie, and the surrounding area.