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Smoke Detector Installation

A properly functioning and professionally installed smoke detection system is absolutely vital for maintaining a working business. Smoke detectors are simply a small piece of the much greater electrical pie that Acclaim Electric deals in.

Acclaim Electric is your undeniable choice for electrical contractor services in Corry, Erie and beyond. We boast the most impressive and professionally trained staff in the business, as well as incredibly reliable, expert service at competitive prices. For years now, we have provided the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas with the absolute highest quality electrical work, and have had the pleasure of sharing the successful creation of hundreds of buildings, both industrial and commercial.

Our team of electricians is the best you can find, and are an absolute wealth of hands on experience and knowledge of their trade. You will be treated with the utmost professionalism and promptness, and will learn firsthand why we, Acclaim Electric, are the best around.

Years of experience and undisputedly satisfied customers have proven that our business model works! Our high standards of professionalism ensure that only the most well trained electrical experts make it past our screening process, so you can rest easy knowing that when you’re working with an Acclaim Electric team member, you’re working with the best, most knowledgeable expert regionally available. If that’s not enough to sell you on our excellence, take into consideration that all of our products and services are priced at incredibly low, competitive prices. So you know that when it comes to Acclaim Electric, you’re getting the best services money has to offer for the lowest possible price!

Don’t exhaust valuable time and energy dealing with anything less than what you’re deserving of! Unqualified and amateur electrical contractors will waste your time and money with inefficient, substandard work. Go with Acclaim Electric and get it done right the first time!

We also specialize in designing, installing and maintaining efficient parking lot lighting systems! Dim or poorly lit lighting systems can severely hinder your businesses growth! Potential customers may be discouraged by dark parking lots, which are known to be a wealth of questionable criminal activity. We work to make certain that you and your customer feel safe and secure in your parking lot by installing proper, professionally done lighting fixtures. We will provide our own lift, and we ever waive lift fees for first time customers!

So whether you’re in Corry, Jamestown, Erie, Ashtabula, Titusville or the surrounding vicinity of towns and communities and are in need of top notch electrical work on both a big or small scale, call us, Acclaim Electric, today, and get it right the first time! You won’t regret it! Call today! We’ll be waiting!