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Electrical Troubleshooting by Commercial Electrician

Faulty wiring causing power related issues in your business or industrial complex? Troubleshooting Electrical issues can be a pain, we understand, but rest assured, it doesn’t have to be. Electrical malfunction is a common byproduct of amateur electricians, but fear not, Acclaim Electric has your back on all electrical related issues in Ashtabula, Titusville and all of the surrounding area! Don’t get caught up working with unprofessional electrical contractors who’ll just make a mess of things, go with the professionals at Acclaim Electric and get it right the first time!

We will pleasantly help guide you through the process of sorting out what went wrong, fixing it, and helping prevent it going forward. Our team of highly trained, licensed electricians is on stand by to field your electrical troubleshooting concerns and needs. Alongside troubleshooting and repair, we also specialize in various other electrical services including underground tracing, ground up construction, remodeling, design building, phone and data wiring and implementation and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance.

While based in Erie PA, we have a massive service area, and are proud to be the premier commercial electricians for 100 miles in any and all directions! For years now, we’ve been providing the highest quality commercial electrical work to the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas. So whether you’re in Titusville, Erie, Ashtabula or any of the hundreds of city’s or towns nearby, call Acclaim Electric for all of your electrical needs!

If you’re planning the construction of a new, high-budget industrial complex or just need repairs or maintenance on preexisting electrical systems, we’ve got your back. Rest easy knowing that your project is in the hands of trained professional electricians who are dedicated and love what they do. Working with Acclaim Electric allows you the satisfaction of knowing that your projects electrical aspect is being headed by the very best in the business, which gives you more time and energy to devote to seeing that the rest of your project goes smoothly.

Why would you waste your time and energy dealing with unprofessional electricians who aren’t qualified to perform the tasks you need them to, when your number one commercial electrician in Titusville, Ashtabula, Erie and surrounding area is just a call away! Not only to we only employ the best, most skilled and passionate electricians, but we price our products and services at competitive rates, so you can get the best electrical work done for the best possible price!

Parking lot dim and gloomy? Dark parking lots can be a huge detriment to how well your business does! Potential customers may be afraid to leave their car unattended, and will not visit your business if they fear a break in! Call us today, and we’ll quickly begin design, construction and maintenance of your parking lot! We provide our own lift, and we even waive the lift fee for first time customers!

So if you’re in Erie, Ashtabula, Titusville or surrounding vicinity, call us, Acclaim Electric today, and experience what years of hard working, professional electricians can provide to your commercial or industrial facility can offer!