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Underground Wire Tracing by Commercial Electrical Company

Planning on running underground wiring in Meadville or the surrounding area? Perhaps you just need a team of professionals to trace a preexisting length of electrical wiring? Look no further! We are Acclaim Electric, and we are your top commercial electrical company servicing Meadville, Erie and the surrounding communities.

Our team of highly trained professional electricians will gladly take on any wire tracing or underground wire installation you throw at them. We take great consideration in who we employ to represent our company, and as a result, only the best, most highly qualified electrical experts make it past our screening process. This means that when you’re dealing with an Acclaim Electric electrician, you are dealing with the best there is available!

While our home base is in Erie PA, we boast an impressive service area that spans just about 100 miles in each and every direction, including Meadville, and those areas surrounding it. For years now, Acclaim Electric has been providing top of the line electrical services to the Northwest Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and Southwest New York areas, and we would like to offer our assistance in providing our unparalleled quality service in your electrical related project!

Aside from underground wire tracing, we specialize in all things electric, including, but not limited to: electrical troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, ground up construction, remodeling, design builds, phone and data wiring and parking lot lighting installation and maintenance. We’re happy to work with you, in order to ensure we accomplish exactly what you need done, regardless of how big or small it may be.

Maybe you’re beginning construction on a high budget industrial facility, or perhaps you simply need some wiring smoothed to prevent minor inconveniences. Whatever the case may be, Acclaim Electric has got you covered. We understand how important it is that the electrical aspects be absolutely perfect in order to maintain a smooth and productive atmosphere in your commercial business. We provide years of successes and experience to the table, and will be happy to lend these years of professionalism and electrical grace as you embark on whatever project you may have.

We offer remarkable prices on top of the line services. Every project we partake in and every one of our electrical services is priced at a competitive rate, you that you don’t have to pay top dollar for the best electrical work in the business. Don’t waste your invaluable time and money dealing with sloppy, mediocre electricians who’ll just make a mess of things. Call Acclaim Electric first, and prepare to experience commercial electrical work as it should be: dependable, professional, timely and economical.

So if you’re about to take on any project that may involve commercial or industrial electrical work, be it tracing preexisting wiring or installing a brand new parking lot lighting system, call us today, and experience firsthand why Acclaim Electric is the undisputed king of electrical work within 100 miles of Erie and beyond!